About Our Lady of The Rosary & St Luke

The First Mass was celebrated in Donnington in October 1939 following an influx of people required to work at the MOD Donnington logistics depot after the outbreak of war. The first Catholic Church, Our Lady of The Rosary, was built in 1949 in St Winifred’s Drive in Donnington.

This served the ever expanding Catholic Community until a new church was built in 1966 alongside the existing church. The old church was then converted into a Parish Club and remained in existence until 1996.

During the 1990s the Church in St Winifred’s drive (affectionately called ‘God’s Warehouse’) became increasing difficult and costly to maintain. Following a diocesan review of churches it was decided to close and demolish the church and this was done in April 2001 with the Parish using the Garrison Church in the Army Depot and St Luke’s School for Mass celebrations.

It took 11 years to raise sufficient funds to build a new church and during that time it was decided to build the new church alongside the Parish Primary School of St Luke’s in Trench. The Church and Parish was then renamed to Our Lady of The Rosary & St Luke.