Where are we?

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Church of Our Lady of The Rosary & St Luke
Church Road

The Church is located next to Saint Luke’s Catholic Primary School in Trench, see map.

Vehicular Access
There is a one way system for vehicular access using the shared entrance with St Luke’s Catholic Primary School located in Church Road and exit into Pinewood Avenue.

  • During school hours the inner school gate will normally be closed. These gates are remotely controlled by the school. You will need to use the intercom to identify yourself to the school as having legitimate reason for access.
  • Outside of school hours there is parking for 42 cars in angled bays: Drive in – Reverse out. Cars must not to be reversed into parking bays. All cars must be parked within the lined bays.
  • Vehicles must not be parked so that they obstruct through access from the entrance to the exit. Access needs to be kept clear for any emergency vehicles.
  • Disabled parking bays are available.
  • Overflow parking is available in Church Road for approximately 20 cars. Parking on Pinewood Avenue should be avoided out of consideration for our neighbours. This is a narrow road and parking here may cause an obstruction.

Pedestrian Access
For reasons of safety the designated pedestrian access to the Church is only from Pinewood Avenue. The Church will not be liable for any loss or injury incurred when using the vehicular access route for pedestrian access