Mass at Our Lady’s

Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary & St Luke

Masses are held on Sunday at 9am and Wednesday at 7pm

Places will need to be allocated by phoning 01952 242423 between 9am and 11am on weekdays, or emailing ccntelford@gmail.

Emails will be answered in office hours.

Sunday obligation is still suspended, so people can come freely to weekday Mass instead.

Stewards will be in place to organise and to clean surfaces after use. You must gel hands on entry and go straight to your seat. Candle stands are not in use.

There will be no music, and some parts of the Mass will be omitted.

You must not kneel, since this brings you closer to the person in front of you.

Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass.

Please wait until the steward beckons you to receive Communion or a blessing.

You must stand in front of a kneeler, receive on the hand, consume the Host while standing, then leave church immediately following the one-way system.

There must be no gathering once you leave.

If the minister usually brings Communion to you, please wait in your seat until the end of Mass.

As you come into Church there will be a basket to put your offerings into, and gel to sanitise your hands.

If you need to see the priest you must wait outside until Mass is over and he will come to you, keeping safe distancing measures.

Toilets are out of use, since we do not have people to clean them after every use.