Arranging a Baptism

Baptism is the Catholic Sacrament by which the non-Baptised become members of the Church. Most Baptisms are with babies or toddlers, but there is certainly no upper age limit for this Sacrament.

In order for a baby to be baptised, at least one Parent needs to be a Catholic, and to reside in the Parish. If you do not live in the Parish, you would need to have the permission of your own Parish Priest first. If you would like to have your baby baptised, please contact the Parish to make an appointment to see our Priest.

For older children, it is obviously necessary to have their consent as well, and some period of preparation, but we are always delighted to welcome these requests and to work with such families.

Generally Baptisms take place on a Sunday at 12.30pm.

If you have already been baptised in another Christian church, the Rite of Initiation (that is, the way one becomes a Catholic) is through the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is not necessary to be Baptised again.

For further assistance please contact our Parish Priest.