Local Pastoral Area (LPA)

The Parish of Our Lady of The Rosary & St Luke in LPA 4 of the Shropshire area of the Diocese of Shrewsbury

Pastoral responsibilities are overseen by a Local Pastoral Area team, which consists of:

  •        A Priest and elected person from each parish with the LPA;
  •        A Deacon, elected by Deacons within the LPA;
  •        A Catechist from within the LPA, nominated by the Bishop;
  •        A Teacher from schools within the LPA, nominated by the Bishop.

 Team members serve initially for three years, renewable once. The Team meets three times a year, once per term. It elects one priest and one lay person to be Co-Leaders for two years. The Team is expected to: 

  •        Continually assess the pastoral needs of its Area;
  •        Identify ways of furthering church mission in the Area;
  •        Support the life of parishes in the Area;
  •        Investigate having special events across LPAs;
  •        Ensure agreed ideas are implemented. 

The Parishes forming LPA 4 are: St John The Evangelist, Bridgnorth; St. Winefride, Broseley; The Good Shepherd, Madeley, St Patrick, Wellington and Our Lady of The Rosary & St Luke, Trench